Les bouches écrasées - Squeezed mouths

Here is some pictures from a series I started in early 2005, shooting during parties and familly gathering. When I decide to start a new session, I try to convince every man in the room to let me shoot him with my right hand as I squeeze his mouth with my left hand.
It’s a portrait study. With a small dose of gender study : I decided to squeeze only men. No women, because squeezing the face of a woman would mean something totally different, given the genders relationships as they are.

Les bouches écrasées - MarcorelLes bouches écrasées - MarcLes bouches écrasées - PatrickLes bouches écraséesLes bouches écrasées - Jean-PaulLes bouches écrasées - Jean-Louis

Why do I found them to be beautiful in such a pose, ridiculed, unglorious and suffering? I think it’s because, all strong men as they are, they accepted to loose a little bit of social status, becoming fragile for a moment.

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